Sunday, February 14, 2010


So I didn't get to finish Zane's story yet. It snowed here in Atlanta and I got stuck at work. Anyway, a man named Fred from Australia posted a comment on one of the parts of Zane's story. He had come across an article about a baby and wanted to know if it could be Zane. I pulled up the article and was greeted by a picture of a very familiar belly. The most incredible part comes next. This surgeon lives in Birmingham, Alabama, about 3 hours away from us. Guess where we are going to take Zane for a visit after he gets home?


Kimber said...

Wow! I see the hand of God in this. What a blessing!

julie said...

Oh my goodness, Maia! How sweet to know that God had Zane in able hands so early. Amazing.

Baxter Family Five said...

What beautiful boys! We are are a fellow CWA Family at the beginning of the process and I am praying for you and your family and enjoy reading about your journey. Not sure if you saw on Stephanie Bower's CWA blog an October entry where she talks about a 20 day old baby boy who had a blockage and needed an operation. Just wondering if this could be your precious Yared? God Bless!


Routlyland said...

Baxter Family,
Thanks for telling us about Stephanie's blog. I didn't know about it. Will you give me the web address to find it? I'm sure that the baby she is talking about is our baby. I would love to get that entry to add to his book, to show him how many people fought for his life.

Baxter Family Five said...

Hi Again! The blog is:
It is the October 5, 2009 entry - under Orphanages. She lives in Soddo. It seems like this might be your little guy! Let me know if you have problems finding it!